Company, Bosta, LLC Skopje was founded in 2003 with main activity import and distribution of food products - milk and milk products, honey products, children's cosmetics and other products.
We have developed our own wholesale distribution and retail network, on the market in Macedonia.

We are located in the industrial part of Skopje, near the Wholesale Market in the building of Textil st. Pero Nakov bb. We are using modern warehouse space of 1200 m2 with installed cooling chambers and structural equipment for normal operation of a distribution center.
We own more types of vehicles for distribution.
We are exclusive agents for more programs on the market in the Republic of Macedonia, such as:
• MEDEX-Ljubljana, products of honey and propolis for healthy population
• We are Exclusive Distributors for the Walt Disney World brand in the field of children's cosmetics and child hygiene,
• Chocolate eggs with surprise 3D toys with the characters of Disney,
• Hygienic tissues with the characters of Walt Disney, made in Italy
• We are general agents on the program SIGMA-AZ from Ruma, Serbia for frozen fruits and vegetables
• Starting from 2012 year, BOSTA dooel is the exclusive representative of the Britain company FV Medical and their product Vaxol™, which is an earwax removal spray that has been designed to conveniently soften and remove compact or excess earwax and reduce the need for the standard medical procedures required to remove plugs of compacted earwax, it also helps improve hearing and reduce ear discomfort.

All of our products are of excellent quality and we are on the market for 10 years.

In our work to date we can boast that rose from a small, modest company to a serious company with a broad range of products and services, where despite the sale of products encompass education on use of certain products.
Since 1.01.2009 we have implemented DHP (good hygiene practice) as part of a HACCP system for food safety.

Recognition from our customers is our greatest reward. That is the real measure of whether we are the best. We work for that...
For more detailed information about our work, our programs and our professional attitude you can find in the rest of our website. If you want to visit us at our distribution center in Skopje, you are welcome.

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